Flood Risk Management Scientist




Environmental and Biochemical Sciences


£33,780 – £37,534

Closing date

Friday 10th February


We are seeking to recruit a Flood Risk Management Scientist to strengthen the Management of the Catchments and Coasts team by working on flood risk management and natural flood management in particular. The successful candidate will be tasked to conduct innovative and high quality research related to flood risk management, contribute to management of researchers within the team, be successful in achieving external research contracts in related areas and have proven ability to write academic papers for high quality journals. Your delivery to the research programme “Mitigating and adapting to flood risk” along with management of researchers within the team will be included in your duties.

Applicants must possess a PhD in Hydrology or a related discipline. The ideal candidate would be able to demonstrate that they have both field and modelling experience in understanding the transport of water from the land to surface and groundwater bodies in particular, the ability to identify key drivers at catchment scales would be advantageous. Evidence of a successful research background and strong oral communication to both academic and policy audiences is essential. Leer más de esta entrada

Postdoc vacancies at Oxford in stochastic modelling for weather and climate

The first of these is for up to three posts, each up to four years and funded by the European Research Council. Research topics can include stochastic parametrisation in comprehensive and idealised weather and climate models, stochastic computing, and the development of verification tools including coarse-graining methods. The second is for a 42-month NERC-funded post working with Dr Laure Zanna and me on predicability in coupled models . Part of this post includes the development of stochastic parametrisations in ocean models. It is expected that there will be considerable interaction with scientists at ECMWF, and there is a generous allocation of supercomputing resources at ECMWF for these projects. Leer más de esta entrada

Eramus Mundus Master course on Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management (MEDFOR)

Universities of  Lleida (Spain), Valladolid (Spain), Padova (Italy), Tuscia (Italy), Catholic of Portugal (Portugal) and Technical University of Lisbon (Portugal, coordinator) are promoting with six associate partners (EFIMED, ENFI-Morocco, INRGREF-Tunisia, CTFC-Spain, INRA-France and CIHEAM) a two year Eramus Mundus Master course on Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management (MEDFOR).

MEDFOR emphasis is on educating the leaders of the future generation of engineers, managers, researchers and teachers involved in forestry and natural resources management, providing them a solid scientific habilitation and the competences for the new challenges of the future forest sector. Leer más de esta entrada

Research Scientist in coupled atmosphere-ocean modelling – Euro Mediterranean Centre for Climate Change – Impact on soil and Coast Division

Company: CMCC

Location: Capua – Italy

Remuneration: Competitive

Position Type: 3 years

Employment type: Full time

CMCC is looking to recruit a motivated and talented researcher for a modelling position in the area of climate numerical simulations. The candidate will be employed in the development of a coupled atmospherical – ocean model including the atmospheric model COSMO-CLM (a regional climate model developed by the COSMO CLM assembly) and the oceanic model NEMO. The goal is to include the effects ofMediterranean sea, using the NEMO code and the OASIS coupler, in the high resolution regional climate model COSMO CLM. The activity will be performed in a European team; therefore some period of training abroad will be required. The cost transfer will be paid by CMCC and the gross salary will be based on qualification and working experience. Leer más de esta entrada

Post-Doc Fellowships at Joint Research Center (JRC) – European Commission

Noves ofertes de treball pot doctorals, la informació la trobareu a: http://www.rediris.es/


Quality Unit – Climate modelling and renewable energy resource assessment     

17/01/2012 – IES (Ispra) – Post-doc researcher (Cat.30): Climate Change and Air

Quality Unit – Modelling impact of air quality on the carbon balance of terrestrial ecosystems

17/01/2012 – IES (Ispra) – Post-doc researcher (Cat.30): Global Environment

Monitoring Unit – Development of Low Resolution imagery advanced processing system

17/01/2012 – IES (Ispra) – Post-doc researcher (Cat.30): Global Environment

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2 conferencias a tener en cuenta

International Conference on Sediment Transport in Hydrological Watersheds

Lugar: Istanbul, Turquía.

Fechas: del 14 al 17 de Noviembre de 2012

Web: http://web.itu.edu.tr/medfriend/

SRA-Europe Conference, Risk and Society: Decisions & Responsibilities

Lugar: Zurich, Suiza

Fechas: del 18 al 29 de Junio de 2012

Web: http://www.ied.ethz.ch/newsletter/newsletter10/upcoming/sra

Becas y convocatorias OMM

Convocatorias del Premio para jóvenes  científicos, el premio Norbert Gerbier y becas para estudios de  meteorología en diversos países de la OMM para 2012.
Por error la información sobre el primero de ellos se distribuye con  muy poco tiempo para reaccionar, pues el plazo de presentación de  candidaturas finaliza el 11 de enero de 2012. Para el premio Norbert  Gerbier es el 28 de febrero de 2012.

*De recibirse alguna candidatura el Servicio de Relciones  Internacionales se encargaría de tramitarla con el endose del  Representante Permanente de España ante la OMM que es necesario para  que sea admitida.



Premio Jóvenes científicos 2012

Premio Norbert Gerbier 2012

Becas de OMM en varios países 2012