Radar Meteorology associate professorship

The University of Helsinki is a multidisciplinary research university which ranks among the leading universities in the world. Some 36,500 students are currently pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at the University, which employs a staff of 8,500. The University’s current annual budget is EUR 600 million.
The University of Helsinki has introduced a TENURE TRACK for teaching and research personnel, intended to increase the predictability, competitiveness and attractiveness of academic careers while promoting internationalisation at the University.

The University employs talented, motivated academics who have completed their doctoral degree within the last ten years and have since accrued academic and other relevant qualifications. Successful applicants will be employed as assistant professors. The duration of the employment contract will be three to five years, depending on the
appointee’s background and experience. If the appointee produces successful work which fulfils pre-determined criteria, employment may be continued with a second fixed-term contract, after which the appointee may receive a permanent position as professor.

The academic qualifications and teaching experience of applicants will be considered when making the selection. Additional merit will be granted for working outside Finland and other international experience as well as experience in acquiring research funding.

The Faculty of Science is announcing open tenure-track position located at the Department of Physics.

The Department of Physics (http://www.physics.helsinki.fi/english/index.html) at the Faculty of Science carries out research on physics, meteorology, astronomy and
geophysics at an international level and provides academic teaching based on high quality research. The department forms an accountability unit operating on an annual
budget of 28 million euros and reports 350 person-years per annum. There are 30 professors at the department.

The Faculty of Science is announcing open tenure-track position in RADAR METEOROLOGY

All applicants representing radar meteorology or its multidisciplinary application will be considered when granting the appointment. The appointee is expected to lead the radar meteorology laboratory. The position is shared by the University of Helsinki, Finnish Meteorological Institute and Vaisala Ltd. In addition to conducting research of the highest international standards, the assistant professor must actively participate in the Department’s provision of teaching and the development of his or her own research group.

The starting salary for the position will be EUR 4,000–4,900 per month, depending on the appointee’s qualifications and work experience.

Applications must be accompanied by the following English-language documents: a CV, a list of publications, a report on experience and merits relevant to the assessment of
teaching skills, as well as other documents that may be relevant to the selection; or, alternatively, an English-language academic portfolio containing the above-mentioned
documents and information (for instructions, see http://www.helsinki.fi/facultyofscience/vacancies/portfolio.pdf). In addition, applicants are expected to enclose with their application a report (max. two pages, in English) on how they intend to develop research in their field, if appointed.

On the Faculty’s request, applicants should prepare to submit ten publications of their choice to be sent to assessors after the application period. The publications must be
submitted via email as PDF attachments.

Applications must be addressed to the Faculty of Science. The Faculty requests that applications, together with the required enclosures, be sent to the Registry of the
University of Helsinki by email: hy-kirjaamo(at)helsinki.fi. Applications can also be delivered by post to the following address: Registry of the University of Helsinki, P.O. Box 33 (Yliopistonkatu 4), 00014 University of Helsinki, Finland. The closing date for applications is 29 June 2012 (the Registry closes at 15.45 local Helsinki time).

Further information about the position may be obtained from Professor Juhani Keinonen, Head of the Department of Physics, juhani.keinonen@helsinki.fi, and Professor Timo Vesala, timo.vesala@helsinki.fi.





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