Position vacancy Annoucement (1year contract) CNRM-GAM

The National Centre for Meteorological Research, CNRM-GAME (METEO-FRANCE & CNRS), UMR3589, is offering a position to an engineer specialized in the development of software engineering applied to hydrology.

Place : CNRM-GAME,  Toulouse, France (http://www.cnrm.meteo.fr/)

Application deadline : 15 February 2013

Starting dates/duration : April 2013 / 12 months.

Background :

This position is related to the MobiCLIMEx project dealing with the question of human exposure to flash floods associated to storms in the Mediterranean area. Exposure is studied at two different spatial and temporal scales: i) the daily exposure during an event which depends on the way people adapt their usual activities to the flood and in particular their mobility and ii) the residential exposure at decadal and regional scales resulting from social, political, demographical, economical and environmental forcing.

It is a 4-year project (2013-2016) funded by the Societal and Environmental changes program (Soc&Env) of the French National Research Agency (ANR).

MobiCLIMEx is divided into four main tasks. TASK1 deals with the coordination and dissimination of the results. TASK2 aims at evaluating the dynamic exposure and adaptive capacity of the actual daily mobility of a part of the Gard population specifically concerned by flash flooding risk: the professionals. On of the objective is to characterize at the regional scale flash flood hazards (severity, timing) along the river network  all over the Gard region. This will be assessed for selected past events and new events that will take place during the MobiClimEx project framework. TASK3 aims at understanding the sustainability of residential choices to hydrometeorological risks. TASK4 aims at integrating the knowledge gained through the study of the interaction of social and natural dynamics at the two aforementioned space-time scales. The present proposal is part of TASK2.

Work description:

The aim of the work is to contribute to hydrological simulations (that will be a preliminary step to build road flooding scenarios) with the ISBA-TOPMODEL hydrometeorological system (Vincendon et al., 2010). ISBA-TOPMODEL will be implemented for the selected events and forced by high-resolution quantitative precipitation estimation. The simulations will provide discharge time series for intermediate catchments (which size is greater than 100 km2) and runoff maps at 1km² resolution. The final aim is to quantify the uncertainties in the discharge time-series for gauged intermediate watersheds and to assess the reliability and robustness of the severity maps based on runoff simulations.

Required qualification:

Proficient knowledge in software engineering (Fortran 90, Linux/Unix, …) is required. A qualification in environmental sciences, particularly in hydrological modelling, is recommended. The applicant should be fluent in French or English.

Candidate profile:

Bachelor’s degree + 5 year study, engineer, master or experience in closely related fields is required.

The net salary will be between 1600 and 1900 euros/month (according experience) before income tax.


For full consideration, an application letter including a detailed statement of research interest, along with a CV (including past experience, computing skill and different language practise) and the names, telephone and email address of 1 or 2 referees should be sent by email to :

beatrice.vincendon@meteo.fr and veronique.ducrocq@meteo.fr


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