Floods in the north-western Mediterranean region: presentation of the HYMEX database and comparison with pre-existing global databases

Authors: M. Carmen LLASAT, Montserrat LLASAT-BOTIJA, Olga PETRUCCI, Angela Aurora PASQUA, Joan ROSSELLO, Freddy VINET, Laurent BOISSIER


The contribution presents the database on floods (1981-2010) that is being developed in the framework of HYMEX project and the preliminary results obtained for the NW sector of Mediterranean region. This database contains data on damages and the main hydrometeorological features of each reported event. The study is included in one of the objectives of the Working Group 5, which is a transversal group of the HYMEX project dealing with all the aspects related to societal and ecological impacts of hydrometeorological extremes, as well as their perception and communication processes. One of the main points of the WG5 is the creation of a common database on floods and their societal impact, for the Mediterranean region, as well as its analysis. Although some databases already exist and are frequently consulted, they are mainly focused on “major” catastrophic events. But the Mediterranean region experiences every year a high number of minor flash-floods that, considered in their totality, produce important losses and disruptions of the everyday life. This contribution is focused on North-Eastern Spain, South of Italy and South-East of France and the objective is to include all the floods that have produced damages, although they are not considered as “major” disasters.

Key-words: floods, flash-floods, societal impact, damages, Mediterranean Region.

Link: http://www.shf-lhb.org/articles/lhb/abs/2013/01/lhb2013001/lhb2013001.html



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