Post doctoral fellowship at CNRM-GAME (Météo-France-CNRS), Toulouse, France. Evaluation of past and future climate changes over the water resources of the Merguellil (Tunisia) and Tensift (Morocco) river basins

The CNRM-GAME is involved in the AMETHYST project (funded by the French national research agency) that aims to analyze the co‐evolutions of the water resources under the influence of global change (climate and anthropogenic changes) and of the water uses trajectories. Two case studies will be considered : the Merguellil catchment (near Kairouan, in central Tunisia) and the Tensift region (near Marrakech, Morocco). They are emblematic of water scarcity issues, with rich complementarities in terms of environmental context, water uses, sector competitions, hydraulic history and current water policies.

The post-doctorate will be responsible to extract and analyse relevant climate informations for the two sites by using re-analysis, climate models outputs and a land surface model. Two sources of climate data will be used : first, reanalysed meteorological variables will be extracted (1950- present) from the most relevant source of data (e.g. GSWP3), then climate models results from the CORDEX international experiment will be extracted for both the present (1950-2000) and future (2000-2060) period. The data will be compared to the local measurements of the project database. Downscaling techniques will be used to correct the raw model outputs. Finally, a drought analysis will be conducted using the meteorological data (meteorological drought) and the land surface model SURFEX/ISBA (agricultural drought). The results and data will be analyzed in cooperation with the other teams of the project in order to evaluate the respective influence of climate and human changes on the water use and availability over the two sites.

The candidates should ideally have knowledge interpretation of climate data, downscaling techniques and land surface modelling. They should be familiar with the FORTRAN programming language, the Linux environment, as well as some classical data analysis and graphic software (Python, R, …)

The net salary will be determined according to the CNRS salary grid and will depend on the qualification (net monthly salary around 1800 € for a 3-year experience, around 2300€ for 3-5 year experience, around 2700 € for more than 5 years of experience. The maximal duration will be depend on the salary)

Application should be done by email by sending a CV, a motivation letter and the names, telephone and email address of 2 referees to before the 10 octobre 2014. Contact :



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