Hydro-meteorological modelling using e-Science environments

The DRIHM project announces the DRIHM Summer School 2014 on Hydro-meteorological modelling using e-Science environments, the school takes place from September 22nd until September 25th 2014 at the Civil Engineering School of the Technical University of Madrid. Attending the summer school is free of charge, including lecture notes and lunches. There are 15 scholarships available to cover travel and accommodation costs.

It is possible to participe in the DRIHM Summer School by emailing a letter of interest that briefly indicates your motivation, background, previous experience with hydro-meteorological models and the expectations you have of the school. If you wish to apply for financial support, please state so in your letter. Please send this letter to summerschool@drihm.eu latest by Friday, July 25th 2014. A maximum of 24 participants will be notified by July 30th 2014.

Download the pdf version of the call: SummerSchoolCallForParticipation

Download the Leaflet: DRIHM_summer_school_leaflet

More information in: http://www.drihm.eu/



DRIHM és un Projecte de la UE (FP7) que consisteix en la creació d’una plataforma tecnològica interactiva per la millora del coneixement i previsió hidrometeorològica. Dirigit sobretot a estudiants, científics i professionals, permet combinar diferents models meteorològics i hidrològics. El Grup GAMA col·laborem amb la UPM dins aquest projecte europeu, de la qual en vam fer ressò en una Newsletter.


Més informació a: DRIHM


Place: National Centre for Meteorological Research – Research group of atmospheric meteorology (CNRM-GAME), Toulouse, France (http://www.cnrm-game.fr/)

Application deadline: 5th May 2013

Starting dates/duration: start between July and November 2013 / 12 months.


This position is related to the DISTRIBUTED RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURE FOR HYDRO-METEOROLOGY (DRIHM) project (http://www.drihm.eu/) funded by the European commission. DRIHM intends to develop a prototype e-Science environment to facilitate the collaboration between meteorologists, hydrologists, and Earth science experts and provide end-to-end hydro-meteorological research (HMR) services (models, datasets, and post-processing tools) at the European level, with the ability to expand to global scale. The objectives of DRIHM are to lead the definition of a common long-term strategy, to foster the development of new HMR models and observational archives for the study of severe hydro- meteorological events, to promote the execution and analysis of high-end simulations, and to support the dissemination of predictive models as decision analysis tools.
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