M-CostAdapt: PhD a GAMA

Dear colleagues,

We are looking for good candidates who wish to do the doctoral thesis with my GAMA team of the University of Barcelona, within the PhD program of Physics of the University of Barcelona. The thesis will be on adaptation to the impact of climate change on coastal hazards (mainly from the hydrometeorological and sociological point of view) and will be developed within the framework of the M-CostAdapt project that we have with the Technical University of Catalonia (https://mcostadapt.upc.edu/es/proyecto-m-costadapt). This is a national project that has obtained an associated grant. The call for the grand has opened recently and the deadline to submit candidacies is October 29 at 3:00 p.m. (CET). For more information about the grants as well as to apply, contact:



Estimados colegas,

Estamos buscando buenos candidatos que deseen realizar la tesis doctoral con mi grupo GAMA, dentro del programa de doctorado de Física de la Universidad de Barcelona. La tesis será sobre adaptación al impacto del cambio climático sobre los riesgos costeros (principalmente desde una aproximación hidrometeorológica y sociológica) y se desarrollará en el marco del proyecto M-CostAdapt que llevamos a cabo en colaboración con la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (https://mcostadapt.upc.edu/es/proyecto-m-costadapt). Este es un proyecto del Plan Estatal que ha conseguido una beca FPI asociada. La convocatoria ya está abierta y la fecha límite para presentar candidaturas es el 29 de octubre a las 15:00 (CET). Para más información sobre las ayudas así como para realizar la solicitud, dirigirse:



Estimats col·legues,

Estem cercant bons candidats que vulguin fer la tesi doctoral amb el grup GAMA de la Universitat de Barcelona, dins el programa de doctorat de Física de la Universitat de Barcelona. La tesi serà sobre adaptació a l’impacte del canvi climàtic sobre els riscos costaners (principalment des de la perspectiva hidrometeorològica i sociológica) i es desenvoluparà en el marc del projecte M-Cost Adapt que estem portant a terme amb la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (https://mcostadapt.upc.edu/es/proyecto-m-costadapt).  Aquest és un projecte del Plan Estatal que ha aconseguit una beca FPI associada. La data límit per a presentar candidatures és el 29 d’octubre a les 15:00. Per a més informació sobre els ajuts i per a fer la sol·licitud, dirigir-se a:



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PhD position at ENIT (Tarbes) and IMFT (Toulouse): Impact model for the evaluation of the flooding risk.

Context and objectives:

The term “flash flood” refers to sudden floods having high peak discharges in a short response time. They result from a combination of meteorological and hydrological factors. Intense storm events delivering high amounts of rain water appear to be the first condition for flash flooding to be initiated. Watershed characteristics such as small catchments (under 500 km2 ) or steep slopes are associated with short and rapid flood timing. Flash floods are one of the most destructive hazards in the Mediterranean region and have caused casualties and billions of euros of damages in France over the last two decades. The recent case of June 2013 occurred in the Pyrenees killed 2 people and resulted in thousands of victims. The damages were estimated at about 134 million euros. The contrasted topography, the complexity of the continental surfaces in terms of geology and land use, the difficulty to characterize the initial moisture state of the catchments make these extreme events very difficult to assess and predict. The proposed PhD will aim at improving the understanding of the hydrological response by contemporary use of empirical and analytical (or rainfall-runoff) modelling. The ambition is to develop an operational methodology for the anticipation of the risk of inundation. The work will include an inter-comparison of models dedicated to flash flood prediction and allowing the characterization of the resulting risk. The proposed work will therefore contribute to the building of a relevant methodology of risk evaluation for a better protection of the population. The long-standing collaboration between the IMFT and the SCHAPI2 will facilitate the transfer of knowledge to the appropriate operational services. Leer más de esta entrada