Job opportunity: Researcher on flood impact assessment @ JRC

The exiting new vacancy at the JRC in Ispra (Italy), is with the Disasters Risk Management Unit of the Space, Security and Migration Directorate.

The position is for a FG IV scientific project officer to perform research and development, as well as knowledge management, on flood risk vulnerability in the context of EU disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation policies.

Initial aim: to create a unique, independent record of flood impact and losses at European and global level.

Find further details visiting the post in Research Gate.

To apply visit the European Commission External Staff Recruitment Application website.

9th HyMeX Workshop 21-25 September 2015, Mykonos, Greece

General information

The 9th HyMeX workshop will take place from 21 to 25 September 2015, in Mykonos Island, Greece. It will be organized by the National Observatory of Athens at Saint-John hotel.


The general objectives of the HyMeX workshops are to strengthen the links and knowledge exchange, as well as to foster collaborations within the HyMeX research community. The 9th HyMeX workshop will occur at midterm of the programme. It will be the opportunity to assess the achievements of the programme, both in terms of data collected and science results, against the original objectives of the HyMeX Science Plan ( Running over 5 days, the programme will consist of plenary sessions with review solicited talks and Science Teams oral and poster sessions with an open call for contributions to present and discuss recent scientific progresses regarding the Mediterranean water cycle. Leer más de esta entrada

Summer School – Runoff Predictions in Ungauged Basins (PUB) – 6/10 July 2015

This Summer School is devoted to runoff prediction in ungauged basins (PUB), i.e., predicting water runoff at locations where no runoff data are available. This lack of data presents considerable challenges to catchment managers who require information on water flows for decision making. This course, based on the recently published book, “Runoff Prediction in Ungauged Basins: Synthesis across Processes, Places and Scales”, will provide hydrologists with the theory and methods to address this critical challenge. The collection of speakers will bring together results from individual location-based studies and show how a comparative approach can be applied to learn from the differences and similarities between catchments around the world along gradients of climate and landscape features.

LEAFLET: Summer_School_PUB_2015



Place: National Centre for Meteorological Research – Research group of atmospheric meteorology (CNRM-GAME), Toulouse, France (

Application deadline: 5th May 2013

Starting dates/duration: start between July and November 2013 / 12 months.


This position is related to the DISTRIBUTED RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURE FOR HYDRO-METEOROLOGY (DRIHM) project ( funded by the European commission. DRIHM intends to develop a prototype e-Science environment to facilitate the collaboration between meteorologists, hydrologists, and Earth science experts and provide end-to-end hydro-meteorological research (HMR) services (models, datasets, and post-processing tools) at the European level, with the ability to expand to global scale. The objectives of DRIHM are to lead the definition of a common long-term strategy, to foster the development of new HMR models and observational archives for the study of severe hydro- meteorological events, to promote the execution and analysis of high-end simulations, and to support the dissemination of predictive models as decision analysis tools.
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Position vacancy Annoucement (1year contract) CNRM-GAM

The National Centre for Meteorological Research, CNRM-GAME (METEO-FRANCE & CNRS), UMR3589, is offering a position to an engineer specialized in the development of software engineering applied to hydrology.

Place : CNRM-GAME,  Toulouse, France (

Application deadline : 15 February 2013

Starting dates/duration : April 2013 / 12 months.

Background :

This position is related to the MobiCLIMEx project dealing with the question of human exposure to flash floods associated to storms in the Mediterranean area. Exposure is studied at two different spatial and temporal scales: i) the daily exposure during an event which depends on the way people adapt their usual activities to the flood and in particular their mobility and ii) the residential exposure at decadal and regional scales resulting from social, political, demographical, economical and environmental forcing.

It is a 4-year project (2013-2016) funded by the Societal and Environmental changes program (Soc&Env) of the French National Research Agency (ANR).

MobiCLIMEx is divided into four main tasks. TASK1 deals with the coordination and dissimination of the results. TASK2 aims at evaluating the dynamic exposure and adaptive capacity of the actual daily mobility of a part of the Gard population specifically concerned by flash flooding risk: the professionals. On of the objective is to characterize at the regional scale flash flood hazards (severity, timing) along the river network  all over the Gard region. This will be assessed for selected past events and new events that will take place during the MobiClimEx project framework. TASK3 aims at understanding the sustainability of residential choices to hydrometeorological risks. TASK4 aims at integrating the knowledge gained through the study of the interaction of social and natural dynamics at the two aforementioned space-time scales. The present proposal is part of TASK2. Leer más de esta entrada