The National Centre for Meteorological Research (Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques),
CNRM-GAME, METEO-FRANCE and CNRS, is offering a position to an engineer specialized in the development
of software engineering applied to meteorology.

Location: Météo-France CNRM-GAME, Toulouse
Coordinators: Nadia Fourrié and Mathieu Nuret

Context: The HyMeX programme seeks to improve our understanding and modelling of the water cycle in the Mediterranean, with an emphasis on the predictability and the evolution of intense events (http://www.hymex.org). In the frame of HyMeX, a strong effort will be devoted to observation and modelling, especially during Special Observation Periods (SOPs). For the western Mediterranean domain, these SOPs will be held during the Autumn 2012 and Spring 2013. A high-resolution atmospheric (2.5 km) AROME_WMED forecast model atmospheric (2.5 km), a special version of AROME for HyMeX, will be implemented for these two SOPs. It will be initialized from an analysis assimilating different types of observations (operational and experimental observations). Leer más de esta entrada