Trainee in hydrology: Building up dedicated space-based services to monitor and protect surface water resources

CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellites), is a subsidiary of CNES (French Space Agency), IFREMER (French
Research Institute for exploration of the sea) and ARDIAN (ex Axa Private Equity), created in 1986.
CLS is specialized in satellite-based services and wants to develop added-value services dedicated to
institutions, governments and private industry in regards to the understanding, protection and
management of surface water resources. CLS does not have any in house hydrologist.
This trainee is expected to work six months for CLS. This will constitute the final report of a master’s
degree. The objective is to provide thematic support to CLS staff in their investigations to understand the
users’ needs, seen through a professional eye and environment, and the possible services that can be
made available to them now or in the future.
The subject would be: “Building up dedicated space-based services to monitor and protect surface water
The geographical area of the study will be set depending on CLS needs. The area can be in Europe, Asia,
Africa or America.

All info: 20150113_Trainee_hydrology_CLS