Post-doc position: Detailing human vulnerability facing flooding. Montpellier (Fr)

1-year post-doc position starting on the 12th October 2020 at UMR GRED

“Detailling human vulnerability facing flood”.

Send you CV and motivation letter to and before the 1st of July 2020.

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Post-doc position – DEUFI : Detailing human vulnerability facing flooding – Montpellier

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For further information download the full note here and visit their website.

Send your CV and motivation letter before the 1st of July 2020 to et 


Post-Doc position at CNR-ISAC. Bolonia, Italy

The Italian National Research Council – Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (CNR-ISAC) is looking for a doctor in Physics, Geophysics, Meteorology, Oceanography, Climate Dynamics, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, or an equivalent subject to cover a Post-Doc position in their branch in Bolonia.

“The CNR-ISAC aims at an integrated scientific understanding of the atmosphere, the ocean and their processes, by means of a multidisciplinary approach which combines scientific and technological skills in meteorology, climate, atmospheric dynamics and composition, Earth observations; it develops basic research, theoretical, experimental and numerical, and modeling work together with impact evaluation.
ISAC is the largest CNR Institute on atmospheric sciences, structured in 7 Units over the country, 7 permanent observatories, including 3 Global Stations of the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) program of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and 2 atmospheric research Supersites.
ISAC is recognised internationally through its collaboration with a large number of European laboratories, and research centers worldwide.”

For further details on the position see PostDocCNR-ISAC and send your interest to by 22th May 2020.




Post doctoral fellowship at CNRM-GAME (Météo-France-CNRS), Toulouse, France. Evaluation of past and future climate changes over the water resources of the Merguellil (Tunisia) and Tensift (Morocco) river basins

The CNRM-GAME is involved in the AMETHYST project (funded by the French national research agency) that aims to analyze the co‐evolutions of the water resources under the influence of global change (climate and anthropogenic changes) and of the water uses trajectories. Two case studies will be considered : the Merguellil catchment (near Kairouan, in central Tunisia) and the Tensift region (near Marrakech, Morocco). They are emblematic of water scarcity issues, with rich complementarities in terms of environmental context, water uses, sector competitions, hydraulic history and current water policies. Leer más de esta entrada

Postdoctoral Positions in Water Research – Karlsruher Institute of Technology

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is seeking highly motivated postdoctoral researchers who complement and strengthen the expertise of KIT in one of the following fields of water research:

– Aquatic Microbiology (in technical and/or natural systems)
– Alpine Water Research (i.e. ”snow hydrology“ or “water and energy balance in Alpine regions“)
– Eco-hydrology (i.e. ”interaction between abiotic and biotic factors in mass transport and degradation“ or ”ground water dependent ecosystems“)
– Atmospheric Water Cycle in the Mediterranean Region (i.e. ”natural and anthropogenic variability of the water cycle in the Mediterranean region“) Leer más de esta entrada

Post-doctoral Research Fellowship at Météo France


Météo France (the French National Weather Service) is seeking a post-doctoral researcher to work 24 months on polarimetric quantitative precipitation estimation at X, C and S band. This project is the continuation of Météo France long-lasting investment on operational radar polarimetry, which started in 2004. Since 2004 a significant amount of work has been carried out on: data quality assessment and monitoring, artefact removal, attenuation correction, bright band identification, hydrometeor classification, impact of ground-clutter and quantitative precipitation estimation.

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