Flood Risk Management Scientist




Environmental and Biochemical Sciences


£33,780 – £37,534

Closing date

Friday 10th February


We are seeking to recruit a Flood Risk Management Scientist to strengthen the Management of the Catchments and Coasts team by working on flood risk management and natural flood management in particular. The successful candidate will be tasked to conduct innovative and high quality research related to flood risk management, contribute to management of researchers within the team, be successful in achieving external research contracts in related areas and have proven ability to write academic papers for high quality journals. Your delivery to the research programme “Mitigating and adapting to flood risk” along with management of researchers within the team will be included in your duties.

Applicants must possess a PhD in Hydrology or a related discipline. The ideal candidate would be able to demonstrate that they have both field and modelling experience in understanding the transport of water from the land to surface and groundwater bodies in particular, the ability to identify key drivers at catchment scales would be advantageous. Evidence of a successful research background and strong oral communication to both academic and policy audiences is essential. Leer más de esta entrada

2 conferencias a tener en cuenta

International Conference on Sediment Transport in Hydrological Watersheds

Lugar: Istanbul, Turquía.

Fechas: del 14 al 17 de Noviembre de 2012

Web: http://web.itu.edu.tr/medfriend/

SRA-Europe Conference, Risk and Society: Decisions & Responsibilities

Lugar: Zurich, Suiza

Fechas: del 18 al 29 de Junio de 2012

Web: http://www.ied.ethz.ch/newsletter/newsletter10/upcoming/sra


El Observatorio del Ebro y el Grupo de Análisis de situaciones Meteorológicas Adversas (GAMA) de la Universidad de Barcelona,  en colaboración con el Instituto del Agua y el Grupo de Expertos sobre el Cambio Climático en Cataluña (GECCC), organizamos la Jornada “Agua Extrema y Sociedad en el Ebro”, la cual se llevará a cabo el próximo día 19 de noviembre. Leer más de esta entrada