Post doctoral fellowship at CNRM-GAME (Météo-France-CNRS), Toulouse, France. Evaluation of past and future climate changes over the water resources of the Merguellil (Tunisia) and Tensift (Morocco) river basins

The CNRM-GAME is involved in the AMETHYST project (funded by the French national research agency) that aims to analyze the co‐evolutions of the water resources under the influence of global change (climate and anthropogenic changes) and of the water uses trajectories. Two case studies will be considered : the Merguellil catchment (near Kairouan, in central Tunisia) and the Tensift region (near Marrakech, Morocco). They are emblematic of water scarcity issues, with rich complementarities in terms of environmental context, water uses, sector competitions, hydraulic history and current water policies. Leer más de esta entrada

PhD Fellowship available for research on integrated water resources data in supporting decisions

UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education is searching for an excellent candidate for a 4-year PhD position focusing on ‘Value of comprehensive datasets and information in constraining uncertainties in support of decision making’. This PhD research will be conducted in the framework of a Seventh Framework EU research project which is due to start in January 2014.


This project, “Global Earth Observation for integrated water resource assessment”, or Eath2Observe in short has the objective to integrate global Earth Observations (EO), in-situ datasets and models to develop a comprehensive global water resources re-analysis dataset. Within the project a team of some 29 leading universities and research institutes from across Europe as well as internationally will work on testing new EO data sources, extending existing processing algorithms and combining data from multiple satellite missions in order to improve the overall resolution and reliability of EO data. These data will be combined with terrestrial and model data to establish a global water resources re-analysis dataset, which will be disseminated through an open data Water Cycle Integrator portal and contribute to the GEOSS platform. Leer más de esta entrada

Participació de la Dra. Carme Llasat a la Jornada Parlamentària europea al RECERCAT

El Butlletí electrònic de la recerca a Catalunya RECERCAT de la Generalitat de Catalunya ha publicat una notícia sobre la participació de la Dra. Carme Llasat a la Jornada Parlamentària europea The Changing Mountains of Europe: Water Resources and Ecosystems at Risk, que va tenir lloc l’octubre passat dins del Science Briefing for Policy Makers, organitzada per la European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA) i dirigida a eurodiputats i membres de la Comissió Europea.

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